Wednesday, February 13, 2013


To start off, I am happy to report that I still did not get the stomach virus that the rest of the family had to suffer through.  My oldest missed a week of school, as a matter of fact, but now, he and everyone else is back to normal. 

As for the challenge, I am now down 10 lbs, so I'm 10 away from my first 20.  To tell you the truth, I am a little disappointed, because I was hoping to be closer to that first twenty. 

This is not my birthday cake, but I wish it was.
Courtesy of Kim Brandon, pastry chef (my cousin in CA...she does not ship to NY).
However...I did have a birthday weekend where I did not journal what I ate, so I did take a mini-vacation from the challenge.  I did not go hog wild, because I do become full faster, causing me to stop eating when the time is right.  I confess that I did have a couple of glasses of beer.  I did not gain weight this week, but I did not lose any, either.  So, a weekend of being somewhat bad has cancelled out a week of being good.

I am back to it, though.  But that was not the reason for the title of this blog post.  The title comes from what I did today.  I went shopping at the local CVS and bought some items.  I had a cloth bag in the cart filled with my mail, which I have to pick up at the post office (PO Box).  I paid for my items, including candy and valentines for the kids,  and went to the van to unload my bags.  Once there, I realized that I had forgotten to pay for some cans of tuna that were in the cart behind the cloth bag.

My conscience got the better of me.  I walked back into the store with the 10 cans of tuna that I thought were 10 for 10 dollars.  Maybe it was because it is Ash Wednesday, I don't know.  I know that some people might think that I was stupid for doing this.  I could have left and no-one would have known that I did not pay for them (and I could have used that 10 dollars).  But, like I said, my conscience would not let me do it.

So I went back in the store. The checker was confused when I came back because I put them in a bag.  It turns out that the tuna that I wanted was not on sale, so I ended up paying 20 dollars.  Instead of saving 10 dollars, I lost 20.

I may want to kick myself, but at least my conscience is clear.

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