Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Okay, the results of the bathing suit weigh in are in:  

I lost another pound.  That makes me -7 overall.   

I'm a little disappointed, because I was good all week, except for that one day that I went to the movies.  I have to say that right now, it is hard to go out and be good at the same time.  I was hoping for three, but any loss is better than a gain, so I am happy with it.  I'm still going in the right direction. Thirteen until the first twenty.

The popcorn was still worth it.

Monday, January 21, 2013


 Are you pH balanced?

Strawberries are 8.0 alkaline, btw.  Just saying...

ugh...canned soups are no good.  You know...@$#%^!

Friday, January 18, 2013


"I will not eat peanut m&ms!"

I think that I have successfully brainwashed myself.  Case in point...I went grocery shopping yesterday and skipped over all the yummy things that usually tempt me.  I did make sure that I ate something before I went there, which is important.  You don't want to go grocery shopping if you are hungry.  By the time you reach the counter with the delicious candy selection in the aisle right behind you, you would be doomed.

I got chicken breasts, carrots, potatoes, fruit, and all good things.  I plan on making something in the crock pot for dinner, and have not figured it out yet.  I'm assuming that it will have chicken, carrots and potatoes...LOL

By the way, the movie (Les Miserables) was great.  Hugh was outstanding, which is what I expected.  As for the diet I bought a medium kettle corn (not exactly diet friendly, but I did skip the box of peanut m&ms).  I bought a bottle of water, which I half finished, dropped, and then heard it roll underneath the seats down the slope to who knows where.  Needless to say, I did not crawl on the floor during or after the movie retrieve it.  God knows what was on that floor.

Picture and quote courtesy of SparkPeople.com

Monday, January 14, 2013


Okay, here are the results of the week one bathing suit weigh in...

I'm down 6 lbs.  Yay!  

Now, I know that the first week, if you are dedicated, is always good.  I've had plenty of first weeks in my lifetime.  To tell you the truth, it is the second week that is the hardest because you have the joy of the first week and you want to celebrate.  For me, getting past 20 lbs is even harder.  So, yes, I am happy and proud of myself, but I also know that this is only the beginning.  I'm still on the first twenty.

One thing that I have noticed, and it is no surprise, is that I'm always hungry.  When I was hungry before, I would just eat something, but not now.  I don't have enough good stuff in the house.  Gotta get some raw veggies.  Carrots, celery, etc.  I bought 2 baskets of strawberries last week and they lasted one hour.  The kids saw them and that was the end of that.  I did eat enough of them for that day, but there was nothing left for the next day.  One thing about my kids...they do love their fruit.  We still have apples, but they won't be here long.  Gotta get more supplies.

My goal for this week is to lose more than the usual 1 or 2 lbs in the second week.  Three would be good, as a matter of fact.  I'll put the goal at 3.  

I love me some Hugh
I'm probably going to the movies Wednesday to see Les Miserables.   I will plan out my day so that I can have popcorn, but no soda.  I will have to skip my usual peanut m&ms. :(

Saturday, January 12, 2013


It's Saturday, and I'm avoiding TEMPTATION.  

not this type of Temptation, LOL

No, this isn't about romantic temptation, like on another blog I used to write about a fictional character.  However, this kind of temptation would have been tough.  It was an all you can eat beer and wings party.  I'm staying home, and drinking a Melaleuca Attain GC Control shake (Creamy Chocolate Fusion).  I'll get my chocolate fix that way.

Am I sad that I am going to miss it?  Sure.  However, I know that I'm not ready to go out there and face the party without getting caught up in the fun.  Imagine me asking if the had any salad.  Imagine me drinking water and salad while everyone else eats wings and drinks beer.  This is a self-preservation move.  I'm not ready yet.

Maybe after a couple of weeks, I can attend one of these events and will be able to be good.  Maybe I will be able take a "day off", and then go right back to being good the next day.  Right now, less than a week into it, I know that this is not the right time.   I am doing well, and I want it to stay that way.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hey everyone,

I do plan on blogging a great deal because it will keep me on track and I will have someone to answer to, even if no-one reads it.  I will not be blogging every day, however.

Day three and I'm still alive, and sticking to my pledge.  I haven't broken down and bought peanut m&m's (my favorite foil) because it is that time of the month.  I'm sure that my first week's weigh in will reflect a loss of water weight, so I have to take that into consideration.  

Peanut m&ms are my comfort food.  Even when the kids go down the street to the local store, they pick up some for me, just to make me happy.  I have told them that I have given them up, so they do not inadvertently send me into a relapse.

I'm sorry if this picture makes you feel uncomfortable.  It used to give me comfort.
Speaking of uncomfortable, Tiger (my oldest son) and I were looking at the ingredients of the lemonade mix that we use as a drink.  I spent the rest of the night looking for recipes for all natural lemonade.

As for the nicknames, I did ask my kids what animal they would like to be.  Big Mistake.  After much wrangling (I had to point out that they wouldn't be hunted, or eaten by a predator, etc.), took about a half hour to come up with these nicknames.  Still sticking with bear for the middle guy (I think that he wanted to be a shark, but sharks are not lovable).  My daughter does not like the nickname Bunny, and the oldest son finally came up with Tiger, after changing it several times from Elk to Cheetah.  I just wanted nicknames for this blog, and probably shouldn't have gotten them involved

much better
courtesy of Moderation Mama Holistic Health and Positive Med

I did forget to take my vitamins yesterday, but I drank all the water and logged in my food.  I weighed myself this morning, and there is some progress, but I still have the rest of the week and weekend to get through before my bathing suit weigh in on Monday.  It will be Monday next week, and then Tuesdays from then on.

As for inspiration, I have been logging into Spark People, and following Positivemed.com and Moderation Mama Holistic Health on facebook.  Both facebook sites give very informative updates and keep me thinking healthy.

Monday, January 7, 2013


I have finally begun, weighed myself this morning, etc.  I did not gain weight over vacation, surprisingly.   I have gotten rid of (or used) all the bad stuff in my refrigerator and pantry.  There are snacks for the kids, but I will not...I repeat...will not be tempted by them.

My plan is to eat less carbs, less sugar, less dairy and more protein, fruit, and veggies.  Beer and wine are only allowed on special occasions (It's the weekend!  does not count as a special occasion).  I will take my vitamins every day, drink more water and exercise.

All in all it was a very good day.  Eggs for breakfast, soup for lunch, and dinner was one serving of pasta with tomato sauce.  I had popcorn for snack later on.  I drank water, took my vitamins and walked for about 20 minutes.  Also did some cleaning at work.

Time for bed.  I made it through day one :)

found this one on facebook

Friday, January 4, 2013


No, I did not go on this ride

Still on vacation. We have checked out, and my middle child and I, lets call him BearBear and I are sitting in the lobby--managed to grab a spot on a couch for both of us.  We are surrounded by out of control children, and parents that don't seem to care. Lots if fun here.

Hubby and two other children are back in the water park.  Bear did not want to go in there today, and would rather sit here and play his ds.  Said something about the chlorine bothering his skin.  My daughter, the youngest, lets call her Bunny, had skin irritation last night.  Was not going to go back in the water today, but changed her mind.  I did not go in, partly because of the bathing suit thing.  God willing, I will not have to wear one again until July--except for my bathing suit weigh-ins of course.

I am so ready to leave.  I'd like to get back home.  I like vacations, and this was only a two night, three day deal, but it will be nice to get back to the comfort of home.

Once there we have to use up all the fattening food and prepare for the 20's challenge.  Hubby is going to do it too, but asking him to log in food may be pushing it a bit.  He needs it more than I do.  He really likes beer.

Thursday, January 3, 2013



Strawberry is my name for this blog, anyway.  I'm using a fruit because is what I should be eating.  I'm using this fruit because it is my favorite.  I love strawberries.  If I ate them more frequently, I'd be a much fitter person.

I am sitting here in a bathing suit at the Great Wolf Lodge in Scotrun, Pa.  Maybe it seems a little unfair to wear a bathing suit right after the Christmas and holiday season, plus New Years, but actually, I should wear one more often because it has made me more aware of myself and how I look in it.  Sure, I could make the excuse that it's almost that time of month and I'm bloated.  Maybe all the body mass that floats while I bathe in the swimming pool is just water and not fat.  I could delude myself into thinking that, but deep down in my soul I know that it isn't just 10 lbs of water weight.  I've got to start again.  Ugh.

Nobody said that losing weight is easy.  If it was easy, everyone would be at their goal weight.   Gaining weight is easy.  I'm good at that.  I love my beer and chips.  I'm not big on cakes and pies, but I do like them. I know that when I'm serious, I can cut all the bad foods out of my diet and 20 lbs would drop pretty easily.  Its just hard to get past the 20.  I have lost 20 lbs numerous times, but not in a row.  Guess that's my problem.

I joined Weight Watchers and lost 20 last year doing the online thing.  I did not have the time or money for meetings, although I knew that it was extremely difficult to lose weight without the meetings.  After a year, my net weight gain was 5 lbs.  I had some good weeks and bad weeks.  I basically maintained the weight that I have been for the past 10 years.  For every week that I logged in my meals, there were 5 that I did not.  I spent 20 dollars a month to gain weight.   I don't blame them.  It's me.

Now I'm doing Spark People.  I downloaded an app for my phone for $3.99 and I can log in food for the day.  I will be blogging my progress good or bad to keep me on track.  I will weigh myself once a week in my bathing suit.  I'll call it the bathing suit weigh in.  Maybe this time I will put those 20's together and make real progress in becoming a fitter and healthier woman.

Monday will be day one.