Friday, February 1, 2013


I sit here, anxiously awaiting what the rest of the family has...the stomach flu or virus or whatever. I am the last woman standing at this point.  I am not looking forward to it, because as weight loss tools go, it is effective, but the most horrible way to do it.  Every twinge in my stomach gets my attention, thinking "This is it!".

Right now I am the caretaker--handing out glasses of Gatorade and cleaning up messes so that the house is in good shape before I go down.  Two of the kids are vegging out on the couch, in and out of sleep, watching Adventure time and other cartoons.  They were up late last night sick, and today, they are just listless and tired, sleeping off a bad night.  Luckily, there were no fevers involved, as it is only a stomach thing.  The oldest one is in his bed, listening to tunes and complaining about stomach cramps. Nobody has the stomach to eat anything.  Hubby went to work, as he had his ordeal yesterday, and is on the road to recovery.  Hopefully, everyone else is okay after a day, and thank God that it's the weekend.

As for my bathing suit weigh in, I lost another pound, so I am -8 and 12 away from the first 20.  I'm still sticking to the plan--eating well, taking vitamins and drinking water.

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