Friday, January 4, 2013


No, I did not go on this ride

Still on vacation. We have checked out, and my middle child and I, lets call him BearBear and I are sitting in the lobby--managed to grab a spot on a couch for both of us.  We are surrounded by out of control children, and parents that don't seem to care. Lots if fun here.

Hubby and two other children are back in the water park.  Bear did not want to go in there today, and would rather sit here and play his ds.  Said something about the chlorine bothering his skin.  My daughter, the youngest, lets call her Bunny, had skin irritation last night.  Was not going to go back in the water today, but changed her mind.  I did not go in, partly because of the bathing suit thing.  God willing, I will not have to wear one again until July--except for my bathing suit weigh-ins of course.

I am so ready to leave.  I'd like to get back home.  I like vacations, and this was only a two night, three day deal, but it will be nice to get back to the comfort of home.

Once there we have to use up all the fattening food and prepare for the 20's challenge.  Hubby is going to do it too, but asking him to log in food may be pushing it a bit.  He needs it more than I do.  He really likes beer.

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