Thursday, January 3, 2013



Strawberry is my name for this blog, anyway.  I'm using a fruit because is what I should be eating.  I'm using this fruit because it is my favorite.  I love strawberries.  If I ate them more frequently, I'd be a much fitter person.

I am sitting here in a bathing suit at the Great Wolf Lodge in Scotrun, Pa.  Maybe it seems a little unfair to wear a bathing suit right after the Christmas and holiday season, plus New Years, but actually, I should wear one more often because it has made me more aware of myself and how I look in it.  Sure, I could make the excuse that it's almost that time of month and I'm bloated.  Maybe all the body mass that floats while I bathe in the swimming pool is just water and not fat.  I could delude myself into thinking that, but deep down in my soul I know that it isn't just 10 lbs of water weight.  I've got to start again.  Ugh.

Nobody said that losing weight is easy.  If it was easy, everyone would be at their goal weight.   Gaining weight is easy.  I'm good at that.  I love my beer and chips.  I'm not big on cakes and pies, but I do like them. I know that when I'm serious, I can cut all the bad foods out of my diet and 20 lbs would drop pretty easily.  Its just hard to get past the 20.  I have lost 20 lbs numerous times, but not in a row.  Guess that's my problem.

I joined Weight Watchers and lost 20 last year doing the online thing.  I did not have the time or money for meetings, although I knew that it was extremely difficult to lose weight without the meetings.  After a year, my net weight gain was 5 lbs.  I had some good weeks and bad weeks.  I basically maintained the weight that I have been for the past 10 years.  For every week that I logged in my meals, there were 5 that I did not.  I spent 20 dollars a month to gain weight.   I don't blame them.  It's me.

Now I'm doing Spark People.  I downloaded an app for my phone for $3.99 and I can log in food for the day.  I will be blogging my progress good or bad to keep me on track.  I will weigh myself once a week in my bathing suit.  I'll call it the bathing suit weigh in.  Maybe this time I will put those 20's together and make real progress in becoming a fitter and healthier woman.

Monday will be day one.

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