Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hey everyone,

I do plan on blogging a great deal because it will keep me on track and I will have someone to answer to, even if no-one reads it.  I will not be blogging every day, however.

Day three and I'm still alive, and sticking to my pledge.  I haven't broken down and bought peanut m&m's (my favorite foil) because it is that time of the month.  I'm sure that my first week's weigh in will reflect a loss of water weight, so I have to take that into consideration.  

Peanut m&ms are my comfort food.  Even when the kids go down the street to the local store, they pick up some for me, just to make me happy.  I have told them that I have given them up, so they do not inadvertently send me into a relapse.

I'm sorry if this picture makes you feel uncomfortable.  It used to give me comfort.
Speaking of uncomfortable, Tiger (my oldest son) and I were looking at the ingredients of the lemonade mix that we use as a drink.  I spent the rest of the night looking for recipes for all natural lemonade.

As for the nicknames, I did ask my kids what animal they would like to be.  Big Mistake.  After much wrangling (I had to point out that they wouldn't be hunted, or eaten by a predator, etc.), took about a half hour to come up with these nicknames.  Still sticking with bear for the middle guy (I think that he wanted to be a shark, but sharks are not lovable).  My daughter does not like the nickname Bunny, and the oldest son finally came up with Tiger, after changing it several times from Elk to Cheetah.  I just wanted nicknames for this blog, and probably shouldn't have gotten them involved

much better
courtesy of Moderation Mama Holistic Health and Positive Med

I did forget to take my vitamins yesterday, but I drank all the water and logged in my food.  I weighed myself this morning, and there is some progress, but I still have the rest of the week and weekend to get through before my bathing suit weigh in on Monday.  It will be Monday next week, and then Tuesdays from then on.

As for inspiration, I have been logging into Spark People, and following and Moderation Mama Holistic Health on facebook.  Both facebook sites give very informative updates and keep me thinking healthy.

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